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    2019-08-22 777


    LVT, SPC, WPC floor decoration materials as an internationally recognized eco-friendly floor, then what is the development trend of domestic and foreign LVT, SPC, WPC flooring industry?

    The current international and domestic forms are facing unprecedented challenges to the development of all walks of life in China. The 301 investigations and domestic environmental protection regulations that have been raging have made business owners in all walks of life worried.

    Speaking of the US 301 investigation of China is not new, every time after the 301 investigation, it is the partial trade conflict, the negotiation between the two sides, the "strong condemnation" of the representatives of the two sides, but ultimately through the multi-party game. Also classified as compromise and superficial calm.

    The big country game behind this and the balance of interests are self-evident. Of course, if a "trade war" occurs, it will also be damaged by both sides. If you dare to launch, I will dare to fight. If you do not converge, I will redouble my revenge.

    The recent Sino-US "trade war" storm is also the result of the 301 investigation. Today, Trump will have a special deal tomorrow. From the history of the six "trade wars" initiated by the United States, the so-called 301 investigation is that the United States in order to protect its own interests, who is in power! Closer to home today, we are here to discuss the development of our environmentally friendly floor glue (sheet rubber) on the current domestic and international situation.

    foreign market:

    First of all, we say that the market demand for LVT flooring is currently the largest export of environmentally friendly flooring rubber (sheet). The country with such a large capacity is not China. If the United States adopts tax increase measures to suppress it, how can you solve your own market demand? Some people will say that there are countries such as South Korea and Turkey. That means that you don't really understand this market. Their production capacity is far from meeting market demand. Are they only selling to the US market?

    Of course, if a "trade war" has some impact on these medium and large enterprises in our country, but from the past trade sanctions, individual companies and buyers and association groups can respond to the same policy. There are countermeasures, you can learn the general practice of Yuhua Wood's "Parrot Floor" gold, so even the 301 investigation may not cause irreversible impact on large enterprises. In addition, if there is a "trade war", our competent departments and floor associations, together with the export floor enterprises, need to prepare the plan in advance, which may reduce the company's own interests in maintaining the floor enterprise. The products that are in circulation in large quantities are the behavior of both parties, and your troubles are also the same as the other side, so there is no need to worry too much.

    Ironing still needs to be hard. As always, it is good quality. It has been used for so many years of products and the market demand has doubled in recent years. As long as there is no problem with product quality, this market will not be lost. The road ahead is a tortuous road. If the external environment is unfavorable, we will strive for stability and stability.

    Let's take a look at WPC and SPC flooring. These two products are the derivatives of LVT flooring. After years of research and development, promotion (school fees paid) market has been recognized, their own advantages have also driven the product and market. Flourishing (good development), replacing a large part of the market for laminate flooring and solid wood flooring (American poison floor event, China poison plastic track), we need to learn the lessons of strengthening the floor blood, from the health, environmental protection and other quality aspects Quality is critical, the market demand is so large, and we are a big manufacturing country. Like the LVT floor, there is market demand for quality assurance. Why is a good product afraid of “trade war”?

    Domestic market:

    1. Environment:

    When it comes to the domestic market, people outside the industry will be brave enough to reform and develop the environmental protection that we have neglected in the rapid development of industrial manufacturing for so many years. Of course, this is a problem that any developing country will face. For future generations, there is a blue sky to see, a good air to breathe, and clean water to drink and pay attention to environmental protection. This is an unshirkable job.

    Made In China has become synonymous with China, including our environmentally friendly floor glue (sheet) for OEM OEMs of foreign buyers. Of course, there are also some companies that have their own brands abroad and operate very well. A little need to praise them.

    2. Production status:

    Because most of the LVT floors are traditional production processes, with many processes, complicated processes and high investment thresholds, the enterprises that can do LVT flooring are relatively rare. The rapid development of the industry has resulted in WPC and SPC flooring with relatively simple technology, low investment threshold and relatively good product properties. It also promotes the development of related industry chains due to the development of the industry. According to incomplete statistics, the current monthly Produced about 80-100 SPC floor extrusion lines. This means that more and more new enterprises are born at home and abroad and old companies are expanding.

    3. Market status:

    Environmentally friendly floor glue (sheet) LVT commercial floor is still the main product in the domestic market. Due to its unique commercial use environment and relatively low price, it has firmly occupied the domestic commercial floor market. SPC has gradually entered the home improvement and commercial market due to its unique advantages. More and more companies have joined the SPC flooring manufacturing industry without understanding the market. Enterprises that imitate the production, packaging, promotion, and sales of others are blooming everywhere.

    Under the premise of people's cognition and overcapacity, there is low-price competition, and the floor companies that do not understand the market directly enter the market, starting from the raw materials and letting the original production and sales system with the lowest cost and the mentality of doing it. Rubbing your chest. The original article "Domotex2018Aisa--Back Floor Age" in the "Floor Industry" public number has been listed. It is not analyzed here. In just a few months, the floor market is full of twists and turns, more and more equipment and manufacturers. With the addition of raw material manufacturers, there has been a market of low-cost competition from equipment and raw materials to products.

    To tell the truth is easy to hurt people, not to tell the truth, the market can not fool people. Some people will ask what will happen to the later development? Very simple - quality, quality, quality! ! ! Low prices will not occupy the market forever. Now the people have entered an era that is not simply a solution to food and clothing. No matter how you do environmental protection, health is still the theme of life. This also requires the supervision and regulation of national authorities and associations. Enterprises with low-price competition that do not pay attention to environmental protection of raw materials and environmental protection of production processes are destined to be eliminated by society and the market. The domestic market is so big, the future trend is that good quality flooring will certainly occupy the home improvement and commercial market. Enterprises that take low-cost routes will not be able to use low-cost products. Can you return to the normal track after disrupting the market? ----- This is a question that every floor person should ponder.

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